A team's victory for Cameroon captain Nathan Wounembaina


Bari, Italy, September 12, 2018 - The first of 15 matchups on schedule for Pool C of the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship in Bari saw Cameroon taking to the court at PalaFlorio to claim a 3-0 win in the African derby with Tunisia.

Blaise Mayam Re Niof, head coach of Cameroon: “We are really happy for this victory, our first win over Tunisia. We have been working extremely hard to achieve this result. We are really enjoying the moment now."

Nathan Wounembaina, captain of Cameroon: “At the beginning of the match we were overwhelmed because we were making our debut in this tournament, but soon we were able to stick together and to mount a comeback. It has been a victory of the whole team. Our solid group made the difference in this match.”

Antonio Giacobbe, head coach of Tunisia: “This was the most suitable matchup for us, and we had chances to win it. Cameroon were impeccable in service and in attack. It was very difficult for us to play our own game. There is some regret for the final point of the second set, with such an amazing spike by Wounembaina. Now it will be hard to face teams that are vying for the gold medal, such as USA, Serbia and Russia. We will do our best in the fixture against Australia. They don’t seem to be as strong a team, but they do have quality as well.”