All remaining teams are potential world champions - William Arjona


Turin, Italy, September 28, 2018 - After Wednesday's comeback against Russia, Brazil didn't want to stop: another big victory over USA lauched the Selecao as a potential favorite for the title, as Team USA faced their first defeat in the entire tournament.

William Arjona, Brazil setter: "The key to this match was concentration: not easy to find for two teams that already had a place in the semis. I don't know what to expect from our next match, except one thing: that all the remaining team are potential world champions."

Evandro Guerra - Brazil opposite: "We played very well: serve and attack were great. We are happy about the first place in the pool and we have no preference about the opponent: we will think about our play, not theirs."

Max Holt, USA middle blocker: "We wanted to win, as we were unbeaten in the tournament, but now we must look ahead. I have no technical preference on who to face in the semifinals, but my heart says Italy because it has become my home away from home."