Bruno Rezende: I am really proud of the guys!


Ruse, Bulgaria, September 17, 2018 – Brazil is back on the winning way at the 2018 FIVB World Championship! The South Americans overpowered Canada 3-1 (25-22, 19-25, 25-23, 25-18) in front of over 2500 spectators in “Arena Monbat” and are back in the game, chasing the first place in Pool B! 

Bruno Mossa Rezende, captain of Brazil: “It was a tough match. We knew that the Canadian team was playing really well and have a great defensive system. It was really difficult to play against them but we had patience during the whole match. We managed not to close the ball in their block, to work better in attack than we did in our last game. It was really difficult for us mentally as well, because this match was like a final. The important thing is that everybody managed to stay concentrated and I am really proud with the guys. I think we made a great job. Now we just have to put our focus into the next match tomorrow against China. It will be difficult, it is never easy. We must be 110% focused.”  

Luiz Felipe Marques Fonteles – ‘Lipe’, player of Brazil: “I think Canada had an impressive game volume – they defended a lot, they had a very good reception. They played strategically very well, their block worked very good as well, but we were very determinate to win this match. It was very important for everybody after the loss against the Netherlands. I think we were very successful in holding this difficult time for us. I am very happy. We played accordingly to what we have studied before and it worked. Tomorrow will be a very dangerous game for us. I think China is coming with all their power because they have lost every match so far, so they have nothing to lose now, they can only benefit. We must go with the right mentality, with the right approach. We cannot lose any point, any set from this team. We have to play strong. Strong, because we need this victory.” 

Stephane Antiga, coach of Canada: “Despite the loss, I think it was a good match for us. My guys played really well. We knew that we are able to play like that against such a strong opponent as is Brazil. We controlled pretty well our side-out, but our serve did not work today. I think that this aspect of the game had a key role in the match and was the main reason for this outcome.”  

John Gordon Perrin, captain of Canada: “I think we played well in all the aspects of the game except in serve. We couldn’t put them under pressure with our serving. We weren’t aggressive enough and they were able to play and spike well. I think this was our biggest problem today.”