Kurek: "It's not done yet"


Turin, Italy, September 27, 2018 - Paradoxally, after a big victory, 3-0, Poland are still suffering and Serbia are celebrating: Nikola Grbic's men will now face USA or Brazil in the semifinals, while Vital Heynen's group still has to face Italy and win at least a set, or score more than 60 total points, to go to the next round.

Bartosz Kurek, Poland opposite: "We are not qualified yet - that's the first thing we must understand. We are going to face a great team, in the middle of a crazy crowd, and that's going to be hard. We need to stay focused."

Vital Heynen, Poland coach: "When you win two sets with a double 28-26 it means you have been a little bit lucky, but still I think we haven't played bad: we got better and better during the tournament, and this match was perfect to prepare the super clash with Italy tomorrow."

Nikola Grbic, Serbia coach: "We lacked attention and concentration in a few key situations, and clearly we could not repeat Wednesday's formidable performance against Italy. Now Brazil or USA is the same: two great teams, different but great."

Aleksandar Atanasijevic, Serbia opposite: "It must be a Serbian factory flaw to lose concentration after a goal is achieved. Now let's not look back, and think about playing a great match on Saturday against Brazil or USA."