Nakagaichi: “We are very happy!”


Florence, Italy, September 13, 2018 - Japan got back on track in their second match of the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship. The players of coach Nakagaichi defeated the Dominican Republic 3-0 to improve their win-loss record in Pool A to 1-1.

Yuichi Nakagaichi, Japan coach: “We are very happy for the victory, but we need to improve our game because the next matches will be more difficult. Now we celebrate this victory, but from tomorrow we need to start with the same belief.”

Masahiro Yanagida, Japan captain: “I am very happy with the performance of my team! We played very well but we can improve our game. The next matches will be as hard as the match against Italy.”

Jose Alexander Gutierrez Sanchez, Dominican Republic coach: “Our team is very young. For almost everyone it is the first experience in a World Championship, so it is the right thing that they enjoy it. At the next World Championship we will be ready!”

Elvis Contrera, Dominican Republic captain: “Our team is very young: many players are not yet twenty years old, which means that we lack experience. These matches are very good to grow as a team and I am sure that at the next World Championship we will be ready to compete at this level!”