Pallavicini – A ‘small’ place that unites people from around the world


Bologna, Italy, September 22, 2018 - The power of volleyball does not come to the fore only with the thunderous spikes killed by the world’s best players, but also in the ability to unite people. The FIVB Men’s World Championship 2018 has shown once again that volleyball can bring together people from different places, different cultures, and different backgrounds.

The last proof of that comes from Bologna – the main city of Emilia-Romagna, where the Pool F matches for Round 2 of the competition are currently taking place.
Pallavicini is one of many sports halls in town – it lies at the end of via Emilia in Bologna, and people have regarded it as the place where “hospitality” was and still is the key word. For years, the venue provided a helping hand to those in need – refugees or homeless people in need of a place where to spend the night or to get just a moral support when coping with tough circumstances.
This place has come to the fore once again. The Local Organising Committee (LOC), representing the Italian Volleyball Federation, and in charge of providing ideal conditions to the teams that compete in the second round of the World Championship, chose Pallavicini as the second venue used for training sessions next to the iconic PalaDozza.
Of course, it took some time to get it ready, but when there is will, there is a way to do things too. The LOC in Bologna repaired the changing rooms and prepared everything, so that such elite guests could feel at home.

This small sports hall has become the place where the reigning Olympic champions from Brazil are having some of their practices. On Thursday, they arrived in Pallavicini, led by captain Bruno Mossa Rezende and more big stars such as Lucas Saatkamp and Wallace De Souza.

The emotion of seeing live the South American team was obvious when looking at the faces of the volunteers and all the kids, who approached the Brazilian players after their second practice in Pallavicini. “Can we take a picture with you?” the children timidly asked. 

The whole team got together and by taking a few photos, they made volunteers and fans happy. The Brazilian Volleyball Confederation quickly shared the photo on their social media channels, informing their followers: “How good it is to be warm welcomed wherever we go!”

We could only add, “How good it is that our great sport has this power – to unite people from around the world and make them feel as if they were at home!”