Team Russia enjoy visit to Old Town, feel special connection with Bari


Bari, Italy, September 13, 2018 – After their comprehensive 3-0 victory over Australia on Wednesday, Russia enjoyed a day free from competition on Thursday and the gold medal winners from this year’s Volleyball Nations League used it as an opportunity for a sightseeing tour of Bari, with a stop at the iconic Basilica of St. Nicholas.

It was a truly special experience for the Russian players, especially as St. Nicholas is a clear connection between the city of Bari and the Russian Orthodox Church. Maxim Mikhaylov and his teammates took some time to pay a visit to the Basilica as well as to the Old Town of Bari, thus taking a little break from a busy schedule as they are due to play as many as five matches in Pool C.

“We enjoyed this opportunity to take this stroll to visit Bari and especially the Basilica of St. Nicholas,” Russia coach Sergey Shliapnikov said. “We feel a special connection with this city because of St. Nicholas, whom the local people have been worshipping here for centuries in Bari – as much as we do in Russia.”