The return of the Champion! Poland gets the last ticket for Turin!


Varna, Bulgaria, September 23, 2018 – Poland gets the last ticket for the Finals at the 2018 FIVB Men's World Championship and will have the opportunity to defend the title in Turin! The current champions overpowered Serbia in a straight-set win 3-0 (25-17, 25-16, 25-14) and topped the standing in Pool H! Polish victory №100 in the history of this major volleyball event left France outside the board for a spot in the third round.  

The Polish players were extremely motivated in the beginning of the match and took an early 5-point advantage (8-3)! Bartosz Kurek scored a powerful ace, the middle-blockers stopped Marko Ivovic, and Vital Heynen’s players were 6 points ahead by 17-11. The Balkans continued to have problems in reception, to make an unforced errors in attack, and Poland won the opening set by 25-17. 

The current World Champion started pretty well the second set (4-1) but a few minutes later Aleksandar Atanasijevic stole the show with an amazing ace to make the result 4-4. With good serve and block Poland manage to take a huge 5-point advantage (10-5). The coach of Serbia Nikola Grbic tried to change the situation putting on the field Drazen Luburic, Ivan Kostic, and Neven Majstorovic. Despite these substitutions Poland continued to play really well in all aspects of the game and won the second set by 25-16. 

In the third set Poles were absolutely unstoppable and achieved their 6-th win in the Palace of Culture and Sports after 25-14.

Bartosz Kurek topped the list of the scorers with 20 points! Artur Szalpuk added 15. For Serbia Marko Ivovic and Drazen Luburic scored by 6 points each.