Volleyball art inspired by the World Championship in Ruse!


Ruse, Bulgaria, September 16, 2018 - The Bulgarian host city of Ruse was colored in 3D volleyball pictures for the 2018 FIVB Mens’s World Volleyball Championship. 

In the heart of the town there was organized an International Street Art Festival called "3D - Ace & Game". Artists from Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia and Mexico recreated the volleyball free spirit and impressed the fans in Ruse. Many residents and guests in the city host was able the see exciting illustrations of volleyball actions, stars involved in spectacular rallies during the matches of this major volleyball event, and some abstract decisions. One of the most exciting graphics is showing the libero of Bulgaria – Teodor Salparov, who is illustrated in action of saving a ball in defense near the net.

Ruse is hosting the matches from Pool B of the tournament, where are included the teams of Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France and the Netherlands.