China's Jiang Chuan upbeat ahead of international season


Jiang Chuan takes on Japan's block in the 2017 World League

Lausanne, Switzerland, March 29, 2018 - One of China's leading young players, Jiang Chuan scored 164 points in last year's FIVB Volleyball World League and will be out to show his class at the inaugural edition of the FIVB Volleyball Nations League in 2018.

The Chinese opposite was the third highest scorer across all the teams in World League Preliminary Round Group 2 in 2017 and also stood out as the second best server.

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The tall 23-year-old is one of the key players at his club Beijing BAW, with which he has finished runner-up in the Chinese league on three occasions. With the national team, he and his teammates are under the guidance of a foreign coach for the first time: Raul Lozano is the new man in the hot seat.

Read our interview below.

How important is the new Volleyball Nations League to you and your team this year?
Jiang Chuan: It is an opportunity to learn from the world’s best teams, improve our skills and gain experience.

What do you think about the new format of the Volleyball Nations League?
Jiang Chuan: In this new format we will have more chances to play against top teams and improve the level of the game worldwide.

What are your goals for the Volleyball Nations league? Which teams will be your toughest opponents?

Jiang Chuan: To cherish every opportunity, to play every game as well as I can. I think the Brazilian team should be the best.

How important is the Volleyball Nations League as preparation for the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship?
Jiang Chuan: They are both very important.

What are your goals for the World Championship?
Jiang Chuan: Qualify for the second round, strive to make history.

What could volleyball make even more interesting for players and fans in the future?
Jiang Chuan: Players should interact more with fans.

What do you think about the technical innovations in volleyball?
Jiang Chuan: I think they are a good thing and would like to see more playback technologies being used.

Which of your successes so far do you rate as the biggest?

Jiang Chuan: Qualifying for the World Championship last year.

What dreams and goals do you still have as a volleyball player?
Jiang Chuan: Hopefully to participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo and to play as long as I can. Volleyball is a team sport; I’ll always and only fight for better results for my team.

What do you think of the success of China's women's national team?
Jiang Chuan: Everyone should learn from the spirit of the women’s team, and we are too. They hire high-level coaching teams, find and use as many talented young players as possible.


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