William: Too much to handle...


Turin, Italy, September 26, 2018 - Brazil setter William Arjona, key to turning the game around for an amazing comeback win over Russia was swamped by the media in the Mixed Zone of Turin's Pala Alpitour for his role in the match - while at the other end, Russia coach Sergei Shliapnikov had to deeply analyse what went wrong.

William Arjona, Brazil setter: "It was my dream to play a World Championship, and having reached the age of 39 the fact that I was able to give a decisive contribution against Russia is just too much to handle. I'm proud of being part of this group and we have shown how much being a group is important."

Renan Dal Zotto, Brazil coach:: "What a thrill, to start the Final Six like this. What suffering. We knew Russia was a dangerous opponent, so physical, and we knew we had to be patient and concentrate on the technical part of the play."

Sergei Shliapnikov, Russia coach: "When you face Brazil you must fight until the end. Our level of concentration in the key moments of the match was just not enough: We prepared it the right way, but we were unable to be lucid when the ball was heavier. Now let's move on."


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